Switchvox is Digium's family of Voice Over IP Phone systems for small and medium businesses. Switchvox systems are designed to be easy to use, full of helpful features and cost less than a traditional PBX

The company's SOHO product enables small and home offices to easily and affordably create and manage their phone system, using traditional analog lines, as well as VoIP services.

The Switchvox SMB product is a full-featured, more advanced IP PBX system for larger organizations

Switchvox Free Edition is a fully functional product based on Switchvox's award-winning, Asterisk based IP PBX.


- Easy-to-use web based interface for managing your phone system

- Low cost calling through SIP trunking

- Use any SIP-based IP Phone (Polycom, Snom, Cisco & others) or Softphones

- Use as a VoIP gateway or IVR

- Runs on a free version of Linux - No need to purchase a Microsoft Windows license!

- Includes enterprise phone system features such as IVRs,conferencing, dial by name directory, call queues, voicemail and more

- Limited to 15 users.

- Upgrade available to Switchvox SOHO and SMB as needed.

You can learn more about Switchvox IP PBX systems clicking here.


Switchvox SIP Trunk

VoiceTrunking SIP trunk service for Switchvox IP PBX Systems enables;

• Prepaid, Pay as you Go service

• No setup fee, No cancellation Fees

• No volume commitments, no charge per channel, unlimited simultaneous calls

• Outbound (termination) service with competitive rates

• Inbound (origination) service with phone numbers from 40+ countries

• Toll-free inbound (800 origination) service

• Sub accounts under your master billing account for multiple systems


Click here to learn more about Switchvox Sip Trunking service and prices.