The AastraLink RP SIP Trunking Bundle uses Microsoft’s award winning Response Point software and combines it with Aastra’s IP telephony hardware and VoIP software. This is the ideal solution for businesses who want to use SIP trunking offered by VoiceTrunking. Response Point is designed to be easily set-up by resellers with limited voice experience.

The AastraLink RP system has the most powerful voice recognition available in the small business market today. Each phone is equipped with a Blue Button which triggers the operation. Here is how it works: Pressing the Magic Blue Button connects a caller to the Response Point’s voice recognition engine, allowing the use of verbal commands to execute the systems most commonly used features. (ex. Dial) External callers can also access the voice recognition engine and use verbal commands when using the Automated Attendant.

Aastra RP SIP Trunking Bundle Features and Functions

- SIP Trunking support

- T1 support through third party vendor

- VoIP networking - connect Remote Users

- Voice Mail (VM) and Automated Attendant included

- Internal call announce through phones or to groups of phones as well as access to external paging

Aastra SIP Trunk

VoiceTrunking SIP trunk service for Aastra Phone Systems enables;

• Prepaid, Pay as you Go service

• No setup fee, No cancellation Fees

• No volume commitments, no charge per channel, unlimited simultaneous calls

• Outbound (termination) service with competitive rates

• Inbound (origination) service with phone numbers from 40+ countries

• Toll-free inbound (800 origination) service

• Sub accounts under your master billing account for multiple systems


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