How It Works

If you already have an IP PBX system or an Asterisk PBX in your office, take advantage of VoiceTrunking SIP service to connect your PBX to the world and start saving more money! Learn More...

SIP Trunk and IP PBX systems


Outgoing calls (termination) to USA, Canada & 20+ countries 1.9 ¢ /min. Incoming calls (origination) 1.9 ¢ /min. Toll Free inbound service (800 origination) 2.9 ¢/min. Learn More...

SIP Trunk Pricing

International Calling Rates

  • US flag USA 1.9 cent/min
  • Brazil flag Canada 1.9 cent/min
  • India flag India 3.1 - 3.8 cent/min
  • Mexico flag Mexico 1.9 cent/min
  • Phillipines flag Phillipines 13.1 cent/min
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