Pay as you Go Service

Pay as you Go SIP Trunk VoiceTrunking offers only Pay-as-you-Go SIP Trunk service and does not offer unlimited calling plans.

Pay as you Go service has no monthly fees, we charge for what you use, nothing more.

Prepaid SIP Account

While signing up on this website, you need to buy minimum of $10 pre-paid calling credit to open a SIP Account. You also have the options of buying $10, $25, $50 or $100 prepaid calling credit.


SIP Trunk Secure Payment

We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal and Google Checkout payment options.

Secure ShoppingSecure Shopping

When shopping at online, you can shop with confidence. The Secure Shopping Guarantee protects you while you signup or at My Account links with, so that you never have to worry about credit card safety.

SIP Trunk Auto RechargeAutomatic recharge option

Your prepaid account has automatic recharge option with a credit card purchase. This means that, each time your balance falls below $2 threshold, your credit card can automatically be charged at the increment of your choice of $10, $25, $50 or $100

This option would ensure that your prepaid account will always have funds and that you will be able to make calls at all times. You service would never be cut off as a result of an insufficient balance, as long as your credit card is valid.

Wire Transfers

Payment by check or wire is accepted with a minimum payment of $1,000.


Charges for Outbound Calls (Termination)

For outgoing calls (termination) we only charge for the calls you make, subtracting from your prepaid calling credit. If you don't make any calls we don't charge anything and your calling credit remains same.

Our rates start from 1.9 cents a minute to call anywhere in US, Canada, Europe and 20+ countries. See all rates...

We bill calls with 1 minute rounding. There are no other taxes, hidden fees.

There is also no expiration for your calling credit and if you cancel your account in the future we refund the remaining amount back to your credit card.


Charges for Incoming Calls (Origination)

Buying phone numbers for incoming calls (origination) is optional and you can use our SIP Trunking service only for outgoing calls (termination) without paying any monthly fees.

Charges for US Phone NumbersSIP Trunk pricing with US Phone number

In case you want to receive incoming calls with your SIP Trunk service, US Local phone numbers are available throughout the United States in almost every metro area as well as toll free numbers.

If you choose a US phone number or US toll free number for incoming calls (origination) we charge $6.99 per month and for each incoming calls you pay;

- 1.9 cents per minute if you chose US local number with any area code

- 2.9 cents per minute if you chose toll free number (800 origination)

and for outgoing calls (termination) there is still no monthly fees and you pay;

- 1.9 cents a minute to call anywhere in US, Canada 20+ countries. See all rates..

Unlike phone numbers you might get from other VoIP providers, our numbers allow up to 20 simultaneous incoming and 20 simultaneous outgoing calls by default for your business needs.

Many VoIP providers sell "unlimited" incoming calls to a phone number but actually limit the number of simultaneous calls at any given time.

Keep your US Phone Number

If VoiceTrunking offers phone numbers in a city or town near you there's a good chance you can keep your existing phone number if you switch to VoiceTrunking. This is called Local Number Portability (LNP) and with VoiceTrunking porting your phone number to us is FREE.


Charges for International Phone NumbersSIP Trunk pricing with International Phone Number

With VoiceTrunking you also have the option of having an International phone number for incoming calls (origination) from any 40+ countries of your choice.

If you choose a International phone number for incoming calls, we charge $15.00 per month and all incoming calls are FREE with this montlhy fee;

Our International phone numbers allow only 2 simultaneous calls and if you need more channels for your business needs, you can add more channels paying $20/month per each extra channel.

For outgoing calls (termination) you pay;

- 1.9 cents a minute to call anywhere in US, Canada 20+ countries. See all rates..

Sub Accounts

You can have as many phone numbers as you want under one SIP account. But if you need more than one phone number or SIP Trunk and if you want to control the billing, settings or features of your SIP Trunks seperately, you can open sub accounts.

You can create as many sub-accounts as you want with easy management tools for an administrator to transfer balance, monitor call history, run scheduled reports, and update account details.


Call Quality

We don’t focus on a few destinations. Our customers call all over the place. Use our clean connections with multiple carriers for echo-free, fast connections beyond just the big cities around the world. We offer a 30-day money back policy because we are confident you will be impressed.

No Hidden Fees

7 out of 8 VoIP services will not save you the amount promised because of hidden fees! With VoiceTrunking you will never pay any extra fees.

All fees, (even taxes) already included in our service.


VoiceTrunking Fees How much?
Sign Up fee none
Maintenance fees none
Weekly fees none
Activation fees none
Service processing fees none
911 fees none
Taxes none
Rounding 1 minute billing, nothing tricky
Connection fees none
Monthly Fee none
Disconnection Fee none
Any other hidden Fee none


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