How it Works?

SIP trunk service enables businesses that have a PBX installed to use Voice over IP (VoIP) technology with their Internet connection and route their business phone lines over IP.

If you already have an IP-PBX system or an Asterisk based PBX in your office, you can take advantage of our SIP Trunk service to connect your PBX to the world and start saving more money now.

The main benefit of SIP Trunking is very non-technical and simple to understand - it is cheaper than traditional business phone services and has more features than you probably currently know about or use.

What do I need?

With VoiceTrunking, you have the freedom to use any IP PBX phone system you choose, as long as it supports the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Some of the IP PBX systems we support are;

Asterisk, Trixbox, FreePBX, PBX in a Flash, Elastix, Switchvox, Fonality, Epygi, PbxnSIP, 3CX, Grandstream 5024 5028, Linksys SPA9000, Talkswitch, 3cx, Aastra and virtually any other small business VoIP IP PBX system with SIP support.

Just check with your PBX manual, if it supports SIP, you can start using SIP Trunk


VoiceTrunking SIP account provides;

• Prepaid, Pay as you Go service

• No setup fee, No cancellation Fees

• No volume commitments, no charge per channel, unlimited simultaneous calls

• Outbound (termination) service with competitive rates

• Inbound (origination) service with phone numbers from 40+ countries

• Toll-free inbound (800 origination) service

• Sub accounts under your master billing account for multiple systems


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