VoiceTrunking supports virtually any SIP PBX system. While our goal is to make all Bring Your Own Device installations as easy as possible, this option is intended for advanced users. VoiceTrunking can not provide full technical support for all SIP PBX systems. If your device is not working as expected, you may need to contact the device manufacturer for technical support.

Below you can find generic SIP PBX configuration guide;

Name: your name

SIP Server Name / Proxy Server : sip.voicetrunking.com

User name / Account ID / Authenticate ID : 5551231234 (your SIP account number assigned by VoiceTrunk )

Password: your VoiceTrunking password

Register port: 5060

Register with proxy: yes

Make call without registration: no

Codecs: G729 (preferred), G711


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