Epygi Technologies designs, manufactures and distributes globally feature-rich IP PBXs, voice over IP gateways and cost-saving conference servers.

Epygi's Quadro IP PBX appliances have been designed to serve the SMB and SOHO markets along with enterprise teleworkers and companies with many small branch offices

Whether you operate alone from a home office or have more than sixty employees distributed across the globe, there's a Quadro IP PBX to fit your budget and make your company appear bigger, faster and more sophisticated. Complete a short survey and get help from a specialized expert choosing your ideal PBX, phones and network services.

Using its own IP PBX call manager software based on standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software, Epygi combines telecommunications network knowledge with emerging computer telephony protocols to deliver robust voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) utility

The product line includes the Epygi Quadro 2x, Quadro 4x, Quadro 16x, Quadro6L, Quadro4Li, QuadroM 32x.

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Epygi SIP Trunk

VoiceTrunking SIP trunk service for Epygi Phone Systems enables;

• Prepaid, Pay as you Go service

• No setup fee, No cancellation Fees

• No volume commitments, no charge per channel, unlimited simultaneous calls

• Outbound (termination) service with competitive rates

• Inbound (origination) service with phone numbers from 40+ countries

• Toll-free inbound (800 origination) service

• Sub accounts under your master billing account for multiple systems


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